DataShare is network application for clients that wish to share data using a central server-> DataShare.  DataShare is written in Java, and allows clients to share data (send and receive) without having to know anything about the other clients.  It is envisioned that DataShare will be used in collaborative type environments.  A client called Rendezvous is already written and available to use DataShare.  Rendezvous allows multiple users to simultaneously collaborate using chat, paint, desktop sharing, and audio-video conferencing.

Rendezvous and DataShare were created as components of the KnowledgeKinetics™ (K2) tool suite, and were subsequently moved into the open source world (they are both still used and maintained by the KnowledgeKinetics™ team). 

KnowledgeKinetics™ is a suite of enterprise tools that help unify, automate, and manage your business.  KnowledgeKinetics™ enables sharing of information, recording and enforcing business rules and processes, and collaboration of geographically separated team members. KnowledgeKinetics™ integrates human experts, their tools, resources, and knowledge to meet the ultimate goals of developing better products, faster and cheaper than ever before.   Please visit the K2 website for more information.  A demonstration of its capabilities  can be arranged (you will be impressed!).

For the code repository, feature requests, bug reporting, etc., go to the DataShare project page at SourceForge.


Last updated 2002-02-25